District Profile

Major farming systems / enterprises (based on the analysis made by the KVK)

Major farming systems/enterprises (based on the analysis made by the KVK)

S.N. Farming System/ Enterprises
1 Resource Rich* : Rice-wheat, Oilseed, Pulse Crop, Vegetable Crop, Mango / Guava Orchard, 2 to 3 Graded Buffalo / Cow.
2 Resource Poor**: Rice-Wheat, Jawar, Arhar, Vegetables, 1 to 2 Buffalo / Cow
3 Landless*** : Labour, Buffalo, Goat, Pig, Daily Wages Vegetable / Cereals (Land on Lease)

Resource Rich* : Farmers with medium to large land holding assured irrigation ploughing facilities and good credit support.

Resource Poor** : Farmers with marginal to small land holdings with occasionally assured irrigation

With no tractor and low credit support.

Landless*** : Land on lease or share cropping or without land

Description of Agro-climatic Zone & major agro ecological situations (based on soil and topography) :

S.N. Agro-Climatic Zone Characteristics
1 Eastern Plain Zone Soil - Sandy, Sandy Loam, Clay Loam, Sodic / Saline Soil
Holding Size - Small and marginal farmers and landless farmers
Temperature - 08-440c
Rainfall - 667-1044mm.
Irrigation Facilities - Tube well, Canal,
Production System - Rice-wheat, Arhar, Barley, Pea, Mustard, Vegetable.
S.N. Agro-Climatic Zone Characteristics
1 AES-I Irrigated clay loam soil
AES-II Irrigated loam soil
AES-III Water logged clay condition
AES-IV Sodic / Saline soil

Soil Type

S.N. Soil Type Characteristics Area in ha
1 Sandy to sandy loam Good for cultivated 34059
2 Loam to clay loam Water logged 63578
3 Sodic soils/saline Usar 75894

Area, Production and Productivity of major crops cultivated in the district.

S.N. Crop Area (ha) Production (Qtl) Productivity (Qtl /ha)
1 Paddy 42021 848820 20.20
2 Maize 3109 45700 14.70
3 Arhar 4816 68200 14.16
4 Wheat 70642 1980070 28.03
5 Pea 3048 50350 16.52
6 Gram 2236 21600 9.66
7 Rai / Musterd 760 9090 11.96
8 Urd + Moong 2267 14740 06.50
9 Barley 245 4530 18.49
10 Lentil 203 1580 7.76
11 Bajra 5626 65500 11.64
12 Jawar 2525 30610 12.12

Weather Data

Month Rainfall (mm) Temperature C Relative Humidity (%)
1 - - Maximum

Production and productivity of livestock, Poultry, Fisheries etc. in the district

Category Population Production C Productivity
Cattle 175991
Crossbred 36845
Indigenous 139146
Buffalo 143589
Crossbred 936
Indigenous 15570
Goats 104912
Pigs 104912
Crossbred 830
Indigenous 6549
Poultry 354144
Ducks 1844
Turkey and others
Inland 467 ha.

Details of Operational area / Villages

S.N. Taluk Name of the Block Name of the Village Major Crops & Enterprises Major Problem Identified Identified Thrust Areas
1 Sadar Pindra Araziline, Pindra, Kashi Vidypeeth, Chiraigaon, Harhua Rajpur, Chatou, Vishunpur, Uraha, Barbaspur, Ateshua Rice-Wheat, gram, pea fruit & vegetables ,Dairy ,Poultry, goatry Late sowing of Paddy, imbalance use of fertilizer, excessive use of pesticide in plant protection & unawareness in treatment, imbalance use of concentrates and green fodders Transplanting of paddy in time to avoid delay in wheat sowing. Use of balance dose of fertilizer on the basis of soil testing. Use of ZT machine in rice wheat cropping system, Replacement of wheat by Rabi Maize / Mustard/pulse in rice wheat system.

Priority Thrust Areas

Crop / Enterprise Thrust Area
Paddy Transplanting of paddy in time to avoid in wheat late sowing.
IPNM Use of balance dose of fertilizer involving the integrated nutrient supply system (inorganic, organic and biological components) in irrigated/ rain fed areas.
Wheat Use of Zero trill seed-cum –ferti drill in rice - wheat cropping system.
Pulse, Oilseed Replacement of wheat by rabi maize/mustard/pulses in rice –wheat cropping system.
Pigeon Pea Increasing the area under short duration, high yielding varieties of pigeon pea.
Organic Farming NADEP- compost, wermi compost, recycling of biomass and green manuring etc.
Medicinal Plant Plantation of medicinal crop to increase prosperity.
Vegetable Crop Increasing the cropping intensity with inclusion of short duration vegetables in existing cropping systems.
IPM Use of IPM technologies in food and horticulture crop.
IPNM in Mango Proper nutrient management and cultural practice in new mango orchard and rejuvenation of old mango orchard.
Karonda Plantation of karonda in rain fed areas and woody plants in wastelands.
Karonda, Aomla Plantation of Aonla and Karonda in saline-alkali soils.
Mashroom Pro. Mushroom production with available materials.
Teak Plant Plantation of teak plants along bunds and boundaries of agricultural farms.
Dairy, Poultry unit Dairy, poultry, piggery, goatry should be included in the farming system to increase additional income and utilize by-products of the various crops.